The Other Hoffmann Sister

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The Other Hoffman Sister is a story about two sisters, Margarete and Ingrid. Ingrid Hoffmann has always been responsible towards Margarete. But when they moved to German Southwest Africa in 1902, she was more anxious due to strange relationship between their parents and Baron von Ketz from whom they bought the land. The story continues and then turned to a different angle when Margarete gets engaged with the son of Baron von Ketz on the eve of First World War, and she suddenly disappears on her wedding night. Ingrid wanted to find out what happened to her sister. The story continues with her journey of finding the truth. The novel takes a reader on a tour of South Africa, Berlin during the war period.


It is a novel, from the award-winning author Ben Fergusson and you will enjoy the mystery with the different characters of the time. But it is not a read for people looking to relieve some stress with entertaining and smooth novels with a bright, streamlined story. Overall a good book club selections to add to the store.

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