The October Country

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Ray Bradbury is known to be a master of the short story form of writing and is hugely credited for the contribution to the same. This book is a mesmerizing collection of several of Ray Bradbury’s short stories such as The Dwarf, Skeleton, The Jar, The Lake and several others. Every story has its own unique voice, but at the same time blends beautifully with the rest of the stories, which happens in the rarest of rare case.

What makes this book stand out?

A collection of gothic and fantasy tales are rare to find, but this one right here sure fits that bill perfectly.

Read it for

It’s a collection of some of his best stories, written with vivid imagination and beautiful use of the language. It is touted as a Ray Bradbury best book, and one can see the reason as to why.

Don't read it for

You might find a few stories dated.

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