The Notebook

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Undoubtedly Nicholas Sparks’ best book, The Notebook weaves the story of a young man pining for a love that has lasted fourteen years. Noah Calhoun fell in love with Allie Nelson in the span of a summer; it was love that was rich and bubbling with passion, but it was not to last. Meanwhile, Allie is engaged to be married but soon discovers her still present love for Noah, and returns to the town where he lives. The events that follow amount to something out of this world: an expression of love which breaks and warms your heart simultaneously.

What makes this book stand out?

The beautiful writing, convoluted and unadulterated love, and the riveting plot.

Read it for

The plot, and the rollercoaster of emotions will carry you through.

Don't read it for

A logical and rational cause-and-effect explanation of events. This book is pure passion and is not bound by reason!

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