The Nightingale and the Rose

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A student must give his lover and sweetheart a red rose to win her over and make her his. To help the lovestruck man in his conquest, a nightingale decides to help him by finding the red rose. She flies for miles through the night in search of the flower, but in vain. Soon she learns that there is only one way to get a rose, but for that, she will have to sacrifice her life. The nightingale complies, but it was all for nothing as the girl rejects the man in the end.

What makes this book stand out?

It has a finality in the end like all other Wilde stories, but this one has a lingering sense of sadness and emptiness about its climatic events.

Read it for

Witnessing a bitter-sweet tale of sacrifice, love, and selfishness – all woven together.

Don't read it for

If love stories and mushy tales are not really your choice of genre.

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