The Name of the Rose

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The story of this book follows both Adso as well as his brother named William, while they embark on the trip to encounter wicked secrets of the abbey in the center of Italy. The story starts with Abbot asking William for looking into few mysterious deaths. Williams, along with these investigating skills, moves very close to revealing the secrets included in these deaths. When he moves towards the fact, he is also asked to conclude.  Driven by the curiosity, he goes forwards investigating the happenings to discover the fact behind these rumors.

What makes this book stand out?

The main thing worth looking in this book is how this author connects medieval views and setups with modern perceptions and thoughts as well as weaves the beautiful fiction work.

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This novel is frequently described as the book regarding everything. It is primarily because this book is a perfect blend of classic whodunit, gothic noir and medieval history. It is the traditional work of the historical fiction, so you can take time to enjoy it. When you begin reading this book, you will discover yourself embarking on the bizarre, thrilling and intellectual journey which keeps your inspired to achieve the end.

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This novel is not suitable for readers who like family based stories.

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