The Mysterious Rider

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Columbine is a given up girl brought up by Rancher Bill Belllound as his daughter. When she comes of age, she agrees to marry Bill’s son Jack. But, Jack is a drunkard, gambler, and a thief. To make things worse, Columbine is in love with a cowboy, Wilson Moore. But Hell Bent Wade intervenes and promises to make things better.

What makes this book stand out?

As with Grey's other books, his description of magnificent outdoor splendor develops the atmosphere of this novel about conflict and romance on a cattle ranch. Strangely, the Mysterious Rider does not initially appear until the stage is set and other characters are introduced. But the wait is worth it, and the rider is a revolutionizing character, and worth remembering.

Read it for

This is, for a change, a classic substitute romantic western. The western is substituted and dominated by the romantic elements. If you were on a western or a Zane spree, this is the perfect break you need.

Don't read it for

The book is predictable and monotonous and repetitive for most parts. Columbine is a little ‘weakish’ as a character, and the book proceeds very slowly until the titular mysterious rider makes his appearance.

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