The Mugger

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The Mugger is the second book of the 87th Precinct series. It traces the whereabouts of a mugger who is quite different from the average mugger. This stealthy robber lies in wait for women, and actually maintains niceties while robbing them.  The case becomes severe when he injures, and then causes the death of another one of his victims, who just so happens to be acquainted with the policeman in charge of his case. Fueled by an insane personal vendetta, Bert Kling will stop at nothing until he brings this mugger to justice.

What makes this book stand out?

Hunter’s classic crispness and wholesome understanding of the persona and mindset of a policeman.

Read it for

The thrill of the chase, the danger, and the thirst for vengeance.

Don't read it for

Do not read this book if you are not up for a little male stereotyping!

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