The Mill on the Floss

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The best-written piece among all the George Eliot books, The Mill on the Floss, depicts the female psychology better than any other book. Set in a rural area, the book focuses on the relationship between a brother and sister. Maggie’s father owned the mill, and her life was full of turmoil. As she grew, her behavior conflicted with her parent’s beliefs. However, her bond with Tom grew stronger. Tom, trying to protect his family and relationship with Maggie, forbids Maggie to see a friend again. Their bond, to Maggie, appears to be broken. Later, when Maggie falls in love with the fiancé of her cousin, she fears her bond with her brother may become irreparable.

What makes this book stand out?

The impressive depiction of the female’s psychology and the focus on more profound bonds as well as the question of what is important, make the book stand out.

Read it for

The book is said to have inspired from Eliot’s personal experiences as a child. Therefore, this book explains every minute detail in depth and brilliance.

Don't read it for

Like most of her books, The Mill on the Floss is also set in a nineteenth century time. The setting might make the book boring for some readers.

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