The Manchurian Candidate

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For those fascinated with political thrillers, this is a good one to keep you happy. Written by Richard Condon back in 1959, don’t be deceived by the date. Based during the Korean War, this tale of deception and deceit is spun along the lines the American, Soviet and Chinese participation in the war. Unseen forces use this war as a springboard for their own political motives. Amid the tensions between the Soviets, the Communists and the Americans, this story also involves a mole in the American government working with enemy forces.

An infantry of soldiers including the protagonist, Major Bennett Marco find themselves brainwashed into believing they were saved by one of their own from a kidnapping, who then goes on to receive honours. Post-war  Marco keeps having recurring nightmares that shows him glimpses of a lost truth. After finding out that a fellow soldier also kept experiencing the same , Marco sets out to find the truth behind these dreams and slowly starts to uncover a ghastly plot of assassinations, puppeteering and a mysterious force called “Queen of Dreams”, all the while under observation.

In course, he discovers and goes on to stop an important assassination that could throw the world into the hands of dictatorship and things escalate quickly with the ending becoming quite unpredictable. This classic inspired two award winning movies, but the book contains many amount of emotions for the reader to go through and is definitely a good read for those expecting lots of ups and downs throughout this thriller.

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