The Lion's Game

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The second book in the John Corey series , this electrifying thriller features an escaped terrorist called “The Lion”, who is bloodthirsty for revenge against America for bombing his house and killing his family. Meanwhile, Corey, a first class detective and contract agent, is assigned the task to capture him. Something went horribly wrong in the flight that was transporting the criminal, and now it’s upto Corey to set things right by following a bloody trail of death and smoke, along with his new beautiful and formidable partner, Kate, through a variety of locations. Filled with suspense that could choke people and twists at every turn that could put a rubber band(I feel bad for that band) to shame, this heart-stopper of a book, grâce à Nelson DeMille, is overflowing with action , just waiting to be read by thrill addicts.

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