The Kite Runner

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Amir is the child of an affluent Kabul vendor, an individual from the decision rank of Pashtuns. Hassan, his hireling, and consistent friend, is a Hazara, a disdained and devastated station. Their unprecedented bond is torn by Amir’s decision to forsake his companion in the midst of the expanding ethnic, religious, and political pressures of the diminishing a very long time of the Afghan government, twisting them far separated.

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Hosseini's capacity to achieve the center of encounters of adoration and misfortune places him in the organization of such fine recorders of the new America as Chang-Rae Lee. The Kite Runner is the first novel of uncommon liberality, trustworthiness, and sympathy

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An overwhelming, marvelous and agonizingly fair story, and it is a novel of extraordinary shrouded multifaceted nature and shrewdness, similar to an immortal Eastern story. It talks the most nerve-racking truth about the energy of malice

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not suitable for fast readers

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