The Hunger Games

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If you like to read books usually, then don’t miss the chance in your life by reading The Hunger Games. It vividly describes each contestant death rather than saying, “the main character heard the cannon.”  When it comes to reading the top 10 books, then this book is the best choice. It is beautifully crafted with the strange language which takes you to the world of fantasy. It is a perfect and fabulous book that blows the mind, and inevitably you will lose in this book for its excellent romance, action, adventure, drama, mystery, and science fictions. It is ultimately a fantasy book because it is all fakes. There are sudden and thrilling events which filled with the adventure. It is a perfect drama storybook where you will be eagerly waiting what is going to happen next. The main character in the book gives you that on the edge which is entirely actionable and provides the mystery with feeling.

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