The Haunted Mask

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The book is about an 11-year-old girl who is known to be scared of everything, and her classmates really enjoy that. Two boys are after her and ruin her science project; the girl vows to take revenge. She goes to a toy store to buy a mask for scaring the boys, she buys a hideous looking mask and is very happy that she was able to scare them and get revenge. The catch- that mask is her face now and she cannot take it off, it’s nice to see how events unfold.

What makes this book stand out?

The fantastic description of an 11-year-old girl is really nice; every kid can really relate to the content.

Read it for

The book is for those who love the Goosebumps series, although this book can still give some even as an adult.

Don't read it for

The way author has finished the story is something not all will enjoy, it’s not a happy ending at all but still the book very nice, one of R. L. Stine best sellers.

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