The Happy Prince

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Happy Prince is a lead statue is a city who knew happiness while he lived because the palace was his whole world, but now when he was looking over the entire town, the misery of the people saddenes him. He seeks the help of a Swallow bird to deliver the ruby of his hilt, sapphires of his eyes and gold of the leaves that covered him to the needy. Later on, the bird dies and the statue is melted, but God assures us that they will find peace in Paradise.

What makes this book stand out?

Being yet another of Oscar Wilde’s popular novellas which punch humanity and religion and does not miss a beat.

Read it for

Many of Wilde’s books seem to be showing us that realisation and salvation is indeed possible, and this book is no exception.

Don't read it for

If simple stories with tales of good deeds are not your cup of tea.

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