The Green Archer

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Abel Bellamy carries out his nefarious plans to imprison his brother Michael to get hold of all of the Bellamy Estate. Garr Castle is assisting Bellamy with the crime ring, and to silence things, Abel kidnaps his sister-in-law. Insurance inspector Spike Holland is also done with, as he enters the scene for investigation. Everything, now, is up to a leotard-clad archer to save the day.

What makes this book stand out?

The book is immensely popular worldwide and is an Edgar Wallace bestseller, and arguably the most popular Edgar Wallace book.

Read it for

The book is a classic example of the long arms of justice. People love it for the off-scene vigilante action. You can now sleep assured that the Green Archer is going to look after the rising crimes, while the local, corrupt officials turn a blind eye.

Don't read it for

The plot seems too childish at places. The Green Archer comes off as a ninja Robin Hood, and you will probably feel that you have seen the guy somewhere before.

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