The Graveyard Book

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One of the Neil Gaiman best sellers, this book is the story of the life of a young boy, who wanders into the graveyard after losing his parents. He is raised and educated by the ghosts and known to them as Bod. The boy would be completely normal only if he wasn’t raised by the ghosts of the graveyard. His guardian is a mysterious being, who neither belongs to the living world nor the dead world.

Following the gruesome murder of his whole family, a toddler wanders to a graveyard in which the ghosts and other supernatural inhabitants agree to boost him as a member of their own. No one Owens, known to his buddies as Bod, is a regular boy. He'd be entirely normal if he did not reside at a sprawling graveyard, being raised and educated with ghosts, using a lone protector who belongs to the world of the alive nor of the deceased. There are risks and experiences in the graveyard to get a boy. However, if Bod renders the graveyard, then he'll come under assault from the guy Jack--that has already murdered Bod's loved ones... Beloved master storyteller Neil Gaiman returns using a luminous new book for the viewers that adopted his New York Times bestselling modern classic Coraline. Magical, terrifying, and full of breathtaking experiences, The Graveyard Book is guaranteed to millions of readers of all ages.

What makes this book stand out?

The book is warm and nicely done.

Read it for

The book is an impressive book, filled with warmth and lovely talks among the characters. And of course, there is an adventure in wait for them.

Don't read it for

The book may seem as though it has been written for kids only, but adults can enjoy the book too!

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