The Gift

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The Gift is considered as one of the Vladimir Nabokov popular novels. The story revolves around a poet and writer, Fyodor Godunov-Cherdyncev, trying to find his voice in the literary world. The storyline portrays how Fyodor evolves as a writer and his love affair with his fellow émigré Zina Mertz.

What makes this book stand out?

The book demands to be read, in its own personal sceptical manner and the solution is the book itself

Read it for

Its Nabokov's most poetic novel, in which, he develops themes centred around his work and philosophy; the art of love, and the importance of an individual. It's the most absolved distillation of Nabokov's human philosophy.

Don't read it for

The storyline doesn't portray a satisfying ending as Fyodor and Zina end up with no money. If you look for content endings and not open ends, maybe this one isn't for you.

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