The Gemini Contenders

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A clandestine order of monks is trying to transport a vault to safety. This vault contains secrets that could rip apart the Christian world. But there is a threat to this vault!

At the dead of night, a covert order of monks embarks on a desperate mission: to transfer a mysterious vault into a hiding spot in the Italian Alps. The menacing cache, hidden for centuries, could tear apart the Christian world. But as the Nazi threat marches inexorably nearer, guys both good and bad will be attracted into a savage and lethal search, sparking a constant battle that could forever alter the world as we understand it. Praise for Robert Ludlum and The Gemini Contenders "[Robert Ludlum's] most ambitious publication... Its spin and turns carry the reader on a quick bobsled run.... A marvelously unflagging imagination" --The New York Times "A winner... one of these books you would like to put down after only one more chapter... suddenly it is two in the afternoon and you have read the entire thing." --United Press International "A skyrocket of a publication... The action never stops for another." --The Plain Dealer "chock full of enthusiasm." --The Denver Post

What makes this book stand out?

The unique story has made this book one of the Robert Ludlum, best sellers.

Read it for

This book is an agonizingly fast-paced story, with any allusions.

Don't read it for

A great book all in all, but it could annoy some readers.

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