The first man

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Arguably one of his best works to date; the novel was unfinished and was discovered in his car wreck – Albert Camus sadly passed away as a result of this accident with the book being published nearly thirty years later. The book is as close to an autobiography as Camus was ever going to get, for he used his formative years as the base for this book. So for all the Camus lovers out there, you would definitely need to read this book as it is one of Albert Camus bestsellers. The book follows the main protagonist as he expresses his love for his illiterate mother with his teacher making an impact on his life as well. With Camus narrative, this book makes for an engrossing read

What makes this book stand out?

the fact that it closely represents Camus formative years and his narrative.

Read it for

Camus at his creative best

Don't read it for

if you are not into Camus, you may want to give this book a miss

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