The Fellowship of the Frog

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This is a humorous take on crime with the Scotland Yard chasing a frog with a mask. To make things spicier, nobody has ever seen the frog commit a crime. But, when one tracks him down, he has to pay for it.

What makes this book stand out?

The creative effort is very good with the writing of this book. If you start considering this as a standalone book, and will not affect other books and their writings, the book starts making sense as well as quenches your thirst for character development.

Read it for

As ridiculous as it may sound, looks like frogs make excellent criminals. Nimble, sneaky and meaning business. Crime clubbed with humor is every casual reader’s dream. The mystery and comedy are both strong with this one.

Don't read it for

The book can be shelved as a one time read. But, the concept itself sounds absurd, and the writing is, itself, very plain. Characters have no depth, and the plot has a weak foundation.

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