The Elephanta Suite

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Paul Theroux is a master of travel narrative who weaves 3 intertwined novellas of the Westerners transformed by sojourns in India. Theroux’s Westerners ventures the risk beyond subcontinent path to discover the truth, peace or woe. We meet many Indian characters as the singular reflective of subtle ironies of our country.

What makes this book stand out?

Theroux portraits different people and places that explode the stereotypes into exhilarating effect in his story and it would be very good to read. Reading the fresh, compelling as well as inspiring notion of the country in the modern world is a great choice.

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Reading this startling and far-reaching best book to reads captures tumult, hardship, ambition as well as serenity that showcase India of today. It explains the growth of the country from its core to the modern world.

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Stay away from the book when you want to read an action, family or non-political related stories.

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