The Early Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick, Volume 2

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Along with his forty-four books, the mythical Philip K. Dick (1928--82) was a successful author of short stories whose dreams formed the basis for Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, along with other popular movies. This original anthology contains eleven of his exceptionally inventive short stories and novellas, which initially appeared in pulp magazines of the early 1950s for example Worlds of Science Fiction, Orbit, Beyond Fiction, along with Startling Stories. Riveting tales incorporate a satire of this 1950s obsession with bomb shelters,"Foster, You're Dead," that skewers both consumerism and Cold War stress;"Prominent Author," about a fracture at the space/time continuum which permits an ordinary person to accomplish a lasting literary heritage;"Upon the Dull Earth," by which a woman starts by conjuring up angelic-seeming monsters and ends by changing the character of truth; and"Adjustment Team," the inspiration for the movie The Adjustment Bureau. Additional choices include"Individual Is,""Progeny,""Meddler,""The Spinning Wheel,""Shell Game,""Prove Bit," and"Small Town."

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