The Devourers

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It happens one cool evening, somewhere in Kolkata, India. Alok, a college professor, encounters a stranger with a terrifying confession and an extraordinary tale. The story tantalizes Alok, and he does his best to get the whole of it. The two end up gathering documents by the help of Alok, these documents reveal the chronicle of a race of people akin to beasts, led and ruled by instincts with a desire for blood. The tale shows one-Mughal India who finds himself uncontrollably attracted to a defiant woman.

What makes this book stand out?

It is a chilling saga that goes several centuries and many lands. The human and non-human characters and even the dreamlike makes the books worth your time. You cannot ignore this book as a reader the moment you start reading its first page.

Read it for

It captivates the reader and takes you along. It is inventive and moving.

Don't read it for

It is more than just a small write up.

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