The Day of the Jackal

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Frederick Forsyth, who has a string of amazing thrillers to his credit, started his career with this book.In this modern day thriller a mysterious person, whose very existence is known to a meager few, keeping even the best of the secret service agencies in the dark has only one motive – to kill the world’s most powerful and guarded man. But this assignment isn’t like any other. It’s a clash between a shadow and a heavily armored enemy. How this assassination attempt is brought about forms the plot. There is no one in the world who can stop “The Jackal”, as he is known, from completing his mission. Adding to the mystery, the mission is so secretive that even the employers of the assassin have no idea of the identity of this shadow of a person. The course of history is in the fate of a very few hands, and these hands are about to get bloodied. This page-gripping and power-packed novel will keep the readers enthralled till the last page.

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