The Crucible

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According to the real events and historical people, this drama is a sweltering portrait of the community overcome by hysteria. In a rigid Salem theocracy, rumors that females are practicing the witchcraft galvanize the most suspicions and fears of the town. Additionally, when the young girl accuses the Elizabeth Proctor of completely being a witch, self-satisfied church leaders, as well as townspeople, maintain that Elizabeth is taken to trial. The cruelty of prosecutors, as well as the eagerness of surrounding people to testify against the neighbor smartly, illuminates the vicious power of communally sanctioned violence.

What makes this book stand out?

This book is a classic play of Arthur Miller which is about the trials and witch-hunts in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts.

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In this story, the readers can discover the important nature of the most awful and strangest chapters in the human history.

Don't read it for

The story of this book is only focusing on all inconsistencies of Salem.

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