The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick Volume Two: Adjustment Team

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Adjustment Team is the next installment of a uniform, five-volume Version of The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick. This extensive collection includes 26 stories and novellas in the incredibly successful years of 1952 and 1953, together with extensive story notes. Contained here would be"The Cookie Lady," an account of a young boy whose connection with a lonely widow ends in a bizarre act of transformation,"Second Variety" (filmed in 1995 as Screamers), a novella that arouses a postsecondary society flanked by all-too-human appearing robots called"Claws," and the title story, where a little accident of time leads property salesman Ed Fletcher into an abrupt confrontation with the malleable character of a once familiar universe. Like its predecessor, The King of the Elves, this new volume provides both an astonishing selection of narrative pleasures along with also a fascinating glimpse into the growth of a significant American artist. Table of Contents The Cookie Lady Beyond the Door Second Variety Jon's World The Cosmic Poachers Progeny Some Sorts of Love Martians Come in Clouds The Commuter The World She Wanted A Surface Raid Project: Earth The Trouble with Bubbles Breakfast in Twilight A Present for Pat The Hood Maker Of Withered Apples Human Is Adjustment Team The Impossible Planet Impostor James P. Crow Earth for Transient Small Town Souvenir Survey Team Prominent Writer Notes

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