The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 2: Second Variety

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The next volume of this definitive five-book collection of the entire collected stories of the twentieth century's biggest sf writer includes such masterpieces as the title story, with its unlimited warfare being fought by ever more cunning and sophisticated robot weapons, and"Impostor" by which a guy accused of being an alien spy discovers his entire identity called into question. In these twenty-seven tales, written and printed while America was in the grasp of McCarthyism,'' Philip K. Dick speaks for normal people and from militarism, paranoia and xenophobia - and constantly in his marvellously diverse, quirky and entertainingly idiosyncratic style. Comprising: The Cookie Lady; Beyond the Door; Second Variety; Jon's Planet; The Cosmic Poachers; Progeny; Many Sorts of Life; Martians Come in Clouds; The Commuter; The World She Wanted; A Surface Raid; Job: Earth; The Trouble with Bubbles; Breakfast at Twilight; A Gift for Pat; The Hood Maker; Of Withered Apples; Individual Is; Adjustment Team; The Impossible World; Imposter; James P. Crow; Planet for Transients; Small Town; Souvenir; research Team; Prominent Writer.

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