The Call of the Wild

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Animals are a significant part of our lives, and without them, the entire ecosystem would collapse. This forms the major premise of the story, where one can see a dog named Buck, who fights through violence and hardships, in order to come out alive.

What makes this book stand out?

Stories that are narrated from the point of view of a dog are quite rare and requires a lot of guts to do it. Jack London has indeed done a great job with this novel and has once again broken a lot of clich├ęs and boundaries regarding storytelling. Anyone who has ever read it would surely consider it as a Jack London best book.

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The bond that humans and dogs share is beyond explanation and is surreally beautiful and mesmerizing. This story also falls along the same line, but with a dilemma, of whether the dog would go with the pack or remain with the family.

Don't read it for

Might contain instances of animal abuse.

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