The Boy Who Loved

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The good beginning of the Durjoy Datta love story mix the love combination includes Raghu character show their life that there’s no anything. He is also kind, middle-class parents along with elder brother and aim to study in the IIT. Besides, how he needs the things that looks normal and guilt enable with the closest friend hide in the school’s swimming pool trouble at him. He also punishes himself for hiding and shying from caring and friendship as well he feels tired to the charming Brahmi. The girl similar to him but different that how the Raghu tries to begin loving and caring in the story.

What makes this book stand out?

The new kind of caring and loving between the two different characters and the love get success in the story.

Read it for

If you eager to read some romantic love stories top 10 romance books and experienced in the love feel the real love and ready to dream the loved one.

Don't read it for

If you not interested in the love concepts or others don’t try to read the book.

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