The Bear And the Nightingale

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Set in Russian wilderness where the cold winds and snow are enough to take life, this is a fairytale about mythical creatures and people still believe and respect them like Vasya, the main character in this story. However, after her mother dies and her father remarries, her stepmother makes it difficult for her to respect the spirits of her house and the creatures that live in the forest, causing an imbalance in the stone cold wilderness around their village.

What makes this book stand out?

The intense and poetic description of the story which along with the landscape, makes the whole book magical.

Read it for

A good story on magical beings and a combination of past and present beliefs on spirits and demons. It takes you back to the fiction stories you heard when you were a child.

Don't read it for

This is a highly rated book set in the coldest and more dangerous parts of Russia and has all the touch of a fairytale to it. It is a must read to keep yourself entertained.

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