The Baby Squad

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The world has become a dystopian society, but not in the eyes of the majority who are looking forward to building a faultless future of mankind with perfectly designed and modified human beings being born of a gene pool where the world’s genetic traits have been integrated. In this new world, Abnormals or babies born through natural pregnancy are not accepted and The Baby Squad makes sure of that fact – and they would go to any extent to make that happen.

What makes this book stand out?

In the light of ever-changing social situations, making something as bizarre as this plot work in the most believable way. And the best part is, knowing what changing times can do to the society, it doesn’t take long to buy in it.

Read it for

To have a glimpse into a probable future, even though it does seem very improbable right now. One never knows!

Don't read it for

If you are trying to avoid scary and depressing thoughts about how the society is losing all its authenticity to become a race of rats themselves.

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