The Alchemist

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The story of the book revolves around an ordinary boy who is a shepherd from Santiago, and ls keen to find the whereabouts of hidden destiny. The story evolves itself by depicting a leap of faith which is really important to have in life, without which, there will be no hope. The story finely describes the experiences of the boy, through excellence in narrating the vast areas of an Egyptian desert, tangiers markets and an opportunity to meet people including a desert woman, a king, followed by an alchemist carrying different insights and perceptions of life lessons and finally ending in a strong faith in their destiny.

What makes this book stand out?

The book has achieved success in displaying the positivity and inculcating it in the boy in terms of utmost faith in one’s destiny.

Read it for

The book exceeds excellence in describing the places and all the pleasant/unpleasant situations perfectly and has portraited the scene vividly how the boy experiences and learns different points of view of an extraordinary life. Hence, one of the Paulo Coelho Best sellers.

Don't read it for

The concluding part can seem boring, taking off the interest.

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