Texas Tall

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This is the story narrated from the perspective of both the protagonists, who are a separated couple. Each is drawn subconsciously to the other, find each other attractive and strives to protect the other

What makes this book stand out?

After series of mind-exercising books, if you decide to sit out on a book, this is the dope to hang out with. With a straightforward plot, you will be put into ease and yet enjoy the Dailey for what it is.

Read it for

It is a classic romance, with no strings attached. The book is filled with feel-good feels and spreads warmth throughout the body. With some trouble lurking around, their once existing love is put to the test.

Don't read it for

The plot is a little cliched. With numerous romance works out there with a largely similar tone, this won’t probably stand out that much.

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