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this book point of focus is the attempt to understand the temple architecture mode of the Dravidian temple. The author is Dr. Manoj, who is an archeologist by profession, and he has done a great job at defining and describing the different adjuncts of the Dravidian temple, and this has helped a lot the students who are taking architectural studies. The book features the Salem temples, and it shows the places that people do not know a lot about it yet has impressive aesthetic appeal. It also sheds a lot of light about temple building in the buffer zones.

What makes this book stand out?

this book stands out because it offers a lot of information for archeology students and it is one of the best art books of 2017.

Read it for

this book is very informative and necessary for every student of architecture. It is informative and enlightening.

Don't read it for

this is not an entertaining book. Therefore, if you want something to excite you, this is not for you.

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