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This is a story about the war at the end of the sixteenth century in Japan and how three men rose to power for uniting the nation as one. The story features three men of different character one is a brutal warrior, another one is a wise and cold warrior, as well as a counsel man, the most memorable one, was the one who becomes Taiko in the book, and his character is defined by strong will and humanity.

What makes this book stand out?

The depth with which author has described everything will make you feel like you have lived through all those events.

Read it for

This book will make you understand the kind of heroes there can be and how strong will of few seemingly insignificant men can create a big difference.

Don't read it for

The way events unfold is creative however there can be readers who find it a bit unrealistic, not everyone loves optimistic fiction. The book still is good considering the historical significance just other Eiji Yoshikawa books.

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