Subhas and Sarat: An Intimate Memoir of the Bose Brothers

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This great autobiography is a knit together portrait of the Bose family of Bengal. It narrows down to the two most famous members, Sarat Chandra Bose and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. They were instrumental in the Indian Freedom struggles. The author, Sisir Kumar Bose talked about the happenings of between the mid-1920s to the ugly 1940s when the freedom struggles were heightened.

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It contains useful information that stands the test of time and is a part of our remarkable history.

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This autobiography gives a good study of the phases of the Indian Freedom Struggles, offering a great look at the involvement of Subhas and Sarats in the politics of the day. The author, being observant, joins in the escape of Netaji from the oppressors as a driver. Netaji ends up as the Supreme Commander of the Indian Army.

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This book is very informative and educative. Read it more than just a novel or storybook.

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