The Story of a Lost Child

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The conclusion to the 4 part Neapolitan series is finally out and it is breathtakingly beautiful. While most current novels aim for the shock and awe factor, this one focuses simply on storytelling at its very best. Think Jane Austen or Verga and you would have this novel down to a T. The novel picks up where the last one left off with postwar Naples described in vivid detail. This book is both frightening in parts and wonderful at the same time and brings the series to a perfect conclusion. A must read for all those fans of period fiction

What makes this book stand out?

erudite, well detailed and a well-scripted plot, definitely ranks right at the top when it comes to book recommendations

Read it for

for the perfect period fiction

Don't read it for

if you are not into historical fiction, then you would want to sit this one out

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