The Storied Life of A.J.Fikry

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This is an amazing book to start for all you first-time readers, as the essence of this story deals with second chances and the breaking of that cocoon of grief and depression, to look at the world anew and to be reborn again. If life is not going your way, be assured that this is not the floor you were destined to walk on and you have a higher ground to reach, a higher goal to achieve and the blinds clouding your eyes are but an arms reach away from your destination. Through the life of A.J.Fikry, author Gabrielle Zevin, gives us a chance to live through that life in the dark full of gloom unable to look at the light in front of us, while on the other hand experience the delights of nature and the meaning of life and love once we break through that shell. This will be a promising journey which will reveal to the readers the true meaning of life.

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