The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

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This classic spy thriller written back in the 1960’s can serve as a very good script for spy movies made today. Set in the Cold War era, this book that launched the author, John Le Carre’s career into international stardom, got famous for it’s view on American espionage tactics as inconsistent with the Western tradition and ideals, morally. It features the protagonist, a British spy, with a dying career set on a last mission, which turns out unfavorably thus kicking out the last shreds of hope from him altogether. But his spymaster is not done with him yet. He sends him on an undercover mission the next time, which forces him to utilize his failure in his last mission as a stepping stone and defeat the unsuspecting enemy. A treat for all those spy fans, you could say this fatherly figure of a book to all other neo-spy movies and books, would be a special experience for those interested in witnessing a phoenix rise from the ashes.(figuratively obviously!)

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