Speak, Memory

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The novel is an autobiography of Nabokov himself. It isn’t a story, it’s like an all lifetime projection of Nabokov’s existence. Not only about the man who would be the greatest writer, but also about the nature of home and time, and how they keep changing as we grow.

What makes this book stand out?

Unlike the regular, sort-of-boring autobiography, Nabokov's autobiography is written in a sensational, artistic way in his own remorseless standards.

Read it for

It's an all the way life history of the pro, Vladimir Nabokov. His emotions, his experiences, are told all by himself and we can learn a lot of his super-open heart.

Don't read it for

Reading the novel is a tedious job, specifically the genealogical accounts, which poorly mention himself and his parents. But otherwise, it is a good read for biographers.

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