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the setting of this book is in the Astola Island in Pakistan. It features a black ops unit that this is a book that sheds more light of Duryodhana, the brother of Ravana. Duryodhana is thought as to be very evil and out to get his brother and to destroy him. This comic book features a tale that is full of myths, legends, monsters, and men. It is full of excitement and a lot of action as you look forward to seeing and read the story behind Duryodhan.

What makes this book stand out?

this book stands out especially because of its striking title. The storyline is also like no other.

Read it for

you should read this comic book for its exciting and thrilling storyline that features Duryodhana as the center of attention.

Don't read it for

the storyline can be frightening, and you may cause you nightmares if your mind is not strong enough.

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