Shadows in the Dark

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The Shadows in the Dark top 10 books narrates fighter pilot Sidharth retired officer from IAF after his injury seeking for the new use of the life. The shape and impact of the own hands meaningful and gets blessings of his father sets him way to the state CM. Avantika the character in the story his old childhood friend join in the team as an operation manager unconvinced while Sidharth do the battle to win. She never loses anything in her life but Sidharth win her and their team approach to the life.

What makes this book stand out?

The success of the love survives in the loyalty and power will change in the core makes the book popular.

Read it for

It is extremely interesting story shows the personal and professional in the life and deep love in the story.

Don't read it for

Suvika also spins the story of lies, power, loyalty and betrayal as well dust and heart of Andhra.

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