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This book has been regarded as one of those books which have changed the lives of many readers. The book talks of a “secret” which is unknown to many people. The unveiling of this secret will change the life of any person. The secret to a successful and happy life is none other than the virtue of positive thinking. The book advocates that the world works on the principle of “rule of attraction,” which is to say you attract what you think and that makes all the difference.

What makes this book stand out?

The book makes for a good read as it talks about things such as the meaning of attracting what you think and how to become a positive person so that you could find the true happiness you look for.

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The book is a great read for all of those who would love to change their life. This book is one of the greatest books which allows you to understand the deeper implications of your thoughts.

Don't read it for

As it goes with many self-help books, the book may be great for some, while others might find that this book does not talk about anything new or different.

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