Sakoontala; Or, The Lost Ring- An Indian Drama

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it is one of the popular Indian drama stories of Rishi Vishwamitra & Aspara Rambha’s daughter Shakuntala and those lives in the ashram in the forest. Even this story also explains their love story including their separation as well as the curse of a sage, her bearing Dushyanta’s son as well as a reunion.

What makes this book stand out?

Sakoontala; Or, The Lost Ring is one of the popular choices for the people who love to read drama books, this novel features special characters and written in a good manner. So still people love to read this novel.

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it is the best book to reads and people love to read this novel for its simplicity. It is one of the best dramatists in the Sanskrit language.

Don't read it for

some people bored with this story because it is little old tragic romance story so it is perfect for people who love new journey in the love story.

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