The rules do not apply

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When the life Ariel built piece by piece fell apart, she realizes a few key notes of how a lot many truths about life and fate which she presents in her memoir. Ariel presents the twists life could take with a blink of an eye to snatch everything you’ve cared to save. The story begins from the pain Levy faces when she loses her unborn child, husband and house and progresses to show how she bravely puts her life together with a few moments and mention of other parts of her life.

What makes this book stand out?

The reverse of rags to riches, this book is surely not your ordinary inspirational story. It doesn’t tell you how to achieve success but rather teaches you to cope with the loss.

Read it for

An inspiring memoir by a young generation writer who writes the life of every young human with her pen, The rules do not apply here is a true portrayal of life’s changing shapes nature making it a must read memoir book.

Don't read it for

The book has a bit of a unfinished ending, leaving the readers a bit baffled to understand it.

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