Romeo and Juliet

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In this story, the author creates an environment of generational conflict and violence in that two young individuals fall in adore  and die due to that love. This book is extraordinary in which the common issued experienced by the young loving couples are here a lot. It is not only that the family members of Juliet and Romeo disapprove the affection of lovers. Additionally, Capulets and Montagues are on the opposite sides in the blood fuel as well as are striving to kill them on the Verona streets. Due to feud, whether Romeo is found with Juliet by her entire family, Romeo will be murdered.  When he is banished, the sole way that she can avoid being wedded to anyone else is for taking a potion which kills Juliet, so that Juliet buried with bodies of her relatives. In this death-filled, violent world, the story moves from love initially sight to the lovers union in death looks almost inevitable.

What makes this book stand out?

The language given by Shakespeare is very exquisite for young lovers.

Read it for

The story of this book does not only include extraordinary setting but also appears as a quintessential book of love.

Don't read it for

The violent setting is not ideal for readers who look for a peaceful world.

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