Ride the Thunder

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Jordanna Smith is the daughter of an extremely wealthy banker who is a glamorous socialite and a hunter of the big game at her father’s side. But one fairy tale night, a rugged stranger instills a desire she had never known before. But there is a secret that has already claimed her father. Will Jordanna be able to save her newfound love from it?

What makes this book stand out?

With an incredible forethought in the early 70s, the book is ahead of its time, and yet carefully brings out what you have known in your hearts ascertain the truth.

Read it for

Tough but soft-hearted hero, delicate yet strong heroine, with daddy and mommy issues for one of the main characters. And a wild full of wilderness, and horses, a powerful privileged upbringing for one of the main characters. Very cliched for Dailey, but very heartwarming for the genre.

Don't read it for

The book is quite slow paced and uneventful, for what it’s worth. Cliche meets cliche might ruin the fun you find in the genre.

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