Rich people problems

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the story of the uber rich and their day to day issues; sounds simple enough but thanks to this book and the retelling of the family saga, it is anything but that. From psychosis to desperation to revenge to bitter sweet love, this book certainly has it all. But what makes it stand out is perhaps the way it has been written, and the sharp interchanges between the various characters, making for a fast read.

He rushes to be with her demeanor when Nicholas Young hears his grandma is on her deathbed -- but he is not alone. It appears the clan has convened from all corners of this planet to look after their matriarch but to stake claim about the chance that Su Yi controls. That the location becomes a hotbed of intrigue -- with every family member fantasizing about obtaining the secrets into Tyersall Park -- a prize mansion on 64 acres in the center of Singapore and Nicholas finds himself blocked from entering the property. Astrid Leong is in the middle of her storm, desperately in love with her love Charlie Wu, but tormented by his own ex-wife -- a girl hell bent on ruining the standing and dating of Astrid as heirlooms are clawed over by family. Kitty Pong finds a strong competitor in his fashionista daughter. Length: 16 hrs 2 mins

What makes this book stand out?

the novel stands out for its hilarious take on some of the myriad problems of the rich class and how they deal with it; sure makes for a funny read

Read it for

You may want to include it as one of the unique book club books for it certainly is that, unusually witty and sharp

Don't read it for

It tends to be a stereotype in parts,

Brief about Author Kevin Kwan