Red Lights

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It is the weekend before Labor Day, and Amercian are out on the highways. Steve and his wife, Nancy, are on a long drive from New York to Maine, to pick their kids up from a camp. But before the drive, Steve wanted a drink, and along the journey, he wanted some more. Before long the man was engaged with some suppressed anger, and Nancy leaves. He makes a friend, Sid who is from Sing Sing. When morning comes, Steve’s car has a flat tire, Nancy is nowhere to be seen, and his money is gone. And there is still something to learn about himself, his new friend and his wife.

What makes this book stand out?

What is in store for the reader when they are at the end of the book? The book will keep you on turning pages.

Read it for

The story starts on a dark note and escalates quickly to a bad turn of events, but the mystery continues

Don't read it for

The book is set in a dark environment, which may be really unsettling.

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