Red Dragon

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Thomas Harris’ masterpiece which introduced to the world Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a cannibalistic mental patient and Will Graham, an extremely capable FBI agent with a gift for catching criminals; is a perfect start for a macabre yet exciting series of novels. A glimpse into the wild and psychotic mind of Lecter and his manipulations will leave the reader stunned. For those fans of the recent highly-rated series, Hannibal, this is a very good book to read. Although this will be far different from what is shown in the series, a part of it got adapted in the recent episodes of the show. As Will Graham fights to uncover the truth behind gruesome killings with a lot of shades of cannibalism involved, little does he realize that the one he is dependent on is infact leading him astray. A mindplay so powerful that it can disturb the best of minds, the innovative and cunning Lecter strikes with all force to shatter and break the strongest of minds, with unknown and mysterious intentions.

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